4 Apr 2012

Business Integration Consultancy: Bringing Strategy & Technology Together

Most successful companies have come to realise that, in order to perform well in competitive industries, comprehensive business integration is

30 Mar 2012

SOA as a Critical Component of Enterprise Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has promised many benefits for both IT and business. As a result, it has been widely

21 Mar 2012

Where To Position Enterprise Content Management With BPM, SOA

Read about where and how to reconcile Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, with BPM and SOA. If you follow new

13 Mar 2012

What Comes First — SOA Or BPM?

Like the famous “chicken or the egg” question, many in business wonder what drives what when it comes to business

28 Feb 2012

Tackling Massive Business Process Reviews

For many companies, the most daunting and cumbersome aspect of Business Process Management (BPM) is simply conducting a sound, effective

19 Feb 2012

Managed Service, Middleware Bridge Data Sharing Gaps For NHS and Educational Organisations

Public sector and data-heavy institutions such as NHS and educational organisations suffer from limitations in data sharing and tech support

1 Feb 2012

SOA and BPM Training

Dedicating your business to the shift to a SOA or BPM architecture can be a very costly endeavor, especially for

11 Jun 2011

BPM and SOA Failsafes

For any business, a good employee is worth their weight in gold. This is especially true for any business that

9 Jun 2011

The Do’s and Don’ts of BPM, Part Two: The Don’ts

Previously, we looked at the main practices of successful BPM. In addition to using those suggestions, here is a list

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