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Category: SOA

SOA and Cloud Computing – How They Work Together, Part 3: Consuming Services in the Cloud

14 October 2012 -

The movement towards more cloud computing as the process by which companies can design better services for their customers has continued to grow throughout the last several months. More and more IT departments are now incorporating this cloud computing environment...

SOA and Cloud Computing – How They Work Together, Part 2: Providing Services in Cloud

7 October 2012 -

Architectural Prerequisites for Providing Services Within A Cloud Computing Integration.

SOA and Cloud Computing: How they Work Together, Part 1: The Why

30 September 2012 -

Find out what SOA provides for easily transitioning into a cloud computing environment?

SOA Testing Tool Selection – How to Determine Which One

23 September 2012 -

SOA testing is a very broad in scope - which makes it very difficult to find one tool that is the best fit for your particular system. Therefore, it is important to think through a few determinations to find the right SOA testing tool for your needs.

Top 3 Challenges of Middleware Management

16 September 2012 -

Read about the top 3 Challenges of Middleware Management, and how to overcome them.

Five Major Areas to Continually Test Your SOA for Better Autonomy

9 September 2012 -

By building autonomy into the framework you can leverage the service itself to better time management and less overall involvement. Here are five areas that need continual testing within the SOA framework to keep better autonomy.

Middleware Systems’ Dependability and Service Orientation

30 April 2012 -

Middleware systems are also sometimes called transparencies like the location transparency, network transparency. It helps in decreasing the burden of developing distributed application. Middleware systems support the development of distributed applications in networked environments. It also involves systems integration. Middleware...

Oracle Fusion Middleware: A Primer For The Non-IT Decision Maker

15 April 2012 -

Oracle has always been a company about delivering IT business solutions. Since its inception, it has provided a suite of software that was meant to be used together by businesses so that business processes would be as standardised and streamlined...

Business Integration Consultancy: Bringing Strategy & Technology Together

4 April 2012 -

Most successful companies have come to realise that, in order to perform well in competitive industries, comprehensive business integration is now a necessity. This is particularly true if your organization depends heavily on technology: the need to respond to changing...

SOA as a Critical Component of Enterprise Architecture

30 March 2012 -

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has promised many benefits for both IT and business. As a result, it has been widely adopted as an architectural style among both private business and government enterprises. Despite SOA’s popularity, however, relatively few of these...