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Overview of Project

Morningstar launches Direct Web Services for financial firms, offering data, research, and calculations via APIs. Built on the Fundations platform, this enables individuals and professionals to customize their investment strategies using Morningstar’s trusted information.



  • Agile Project Management
  • Solution Architect
  • Full Stack Development
  • Cloud DevOps Engineering


  • Application Developmet


  • FinTech


  • London, United Kingdom

Integrations and Upgrades

We specialize in upgrading or integrating with critical clinical platforms like PAS/EPR, LIMS, RIS, and integration engines. If these systems have become unstable, unsupported, or no longer align with your clinicians’ requirements, our experts will collaborate with you to strategize and achieve your goals.

Optimise your data collection, workflow, and integration

Our expertise covers trusts in all sectors, both specialist and general, NHS and private, and ensures you have an easily deployable platform that can be configured to meet any local needs and delivered in bites-sized modules to match you project objectives and budget.

24/7/365 Long Term Support

We remove the hassle of managing your IT infrastructure allowing you to focus on your core business goals whilst benefiting from a service that meets your daily demands. Our Long Term Support team is made up of IT specialists who have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping healthcare organisations just like yours.

Outsourcing your IT support services can save you valuable time, money and resources.

Integrella dynamic Support Service operates round the clock, 365 days a year, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your Trust. It's crafted to maintain the security and efficiency of your live/production environment, alongside your test and development environments. We proactively identify potential issues within your integration platform or related systems and communicate with third parties to resolve these problems before they impact your clinicians' operations.

Data Migration and Data Archiving

Empowering Seamless EPR Transitions: Transforming Healthcare Through Prudent Data Migration and Archiving Excellence

Elevate Healthcare with Smart Data Migration and Archiving Solutions

Patient care is often a lifelong process, and maintaining a historical record of patient data is crucial for providing comprehensive and continuous healthcare. Archived data allows healthcare providers to access comprehensive medical histories for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

Data migration is also vital for the successful implementation and integration of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems. It supports the continuity of patient care, ensures data accuracy and integrity, complies with standards and regulations, enhances operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, facilitates system integration, and contributes to overall stakeholder satisfaction.

Portfolio of software products

Morningstar Direct Web Services Brings Sophisticated Investment Data, Research, and Calculation APIs to Power Firms' Digital Platforms

The suite of APIs combines Morningstar's IP with powerful front-end functionality, empowering firms to innovate their digital investment capabilities

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Integrella deployed a dedicated Agile team of digital experts to expedite cutting-edge, innovative feature developments and workflows.

We have worked with Twig Education to implement the latest innovative learning features, including assigned lesson modules. Our work has ensured that students remain motivated when working remotely, by igniting curiosity and making assignment work straight forward.

Integrella were brought in by The Havens admin team to develop the Havencare application in 2022.

Integrella led on key changes to the Havencare application. This included end to end software development lifecycle management and technical support. We worked on every stage of the journey from requirement, design, coding and testing to release.

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