7 Sep 2016

How To Select The Best SOA Solution For Your Company – PDF Download

Selecting the best SOA solution can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve put together our top tips from years of SOA projects so you

12 May 2015

3 Ways for Service Oriented Architecture to Align with Business Process Through Integrated Applications

The big word today is cloud. This is the way of business. A new technology comes along and it becomes the latest and greatest buzzword. However, within the process of building a successful business infrastructure there is still the need for a foundation from which to build. That means a robust, integrated Services Oriented Architecture, or SOA.

21 Apr 2015

What are the Differences Between BPM and SOA?

The differences between Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are not always obvious to the average business user. This

29 Apr 2014

Integrella and the Future of Inventory Management

As the needs of the Financial Services sector change and more and more companies look to cloud based software, Integrella are working with Inventor, a cloud-based Inventory Management system. Inventor is built specifically for the management of precious metals, but can easily be adapted for the management of other precious commodities such as diamonds, art-work and higher volume items.

9 Sep 2013

Have we got what you’re looking for?

It’s nearing that time of year again. The time of year we start to think about losing a few pounds, when we start questioning if our suit is really up to scratch and if that summer haircut does actually suit us. That’s right, the InterSystems Symposium is nearly upon us and everyone is thinking about how to find the perfect partnerships. Here’s some of the profiles for people we would love to talk to.

21 Aug 2013

What’s the value of your data?

Over the last few years, talk about data ‘as an asset’ has been heard more and more frequently. But do companies really see their data carrying a monetary value? Well, according to a SAS-commissioned study, one in five CFOs now promenance to data and managing it as an asset on their balance sheet.

26 Nov 2012

SOA Continues to Thrive in the Cloud Era

One of the business processes that many people have started to think was outdated and not needed anymore in this new era of cloud computing is services-oriented architecture. However, as we talked about previously, SOA is essential to employing integrated cloud services.

19 Nov 2012

Services-Oriented Architecture Gives Headstart in Cloud Computing Systems

If your company has been thinking about integrating a cloud computing system into your services-oriented architecture you may just be a little bit ahead of the game than you think. There are plenty of organizations that are leaning towards a cloud based business process, but have to build from the ground up.

5 Nov 2012

Three Steps to SOA Success

When you look at the definition of services-oriented architecture it is a relatively easy concept. The Open Group defines SOA

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