26 May 2011

TIBCO Rides the Forrester Wave

TIBCO continues to lead the industry as a top performer in business integration technologies, according to The Forrester Wave. Read

22 May 2011

Three Crucial Best Practices for the CIO’s BPM Pitch

Managing and improving a business’ operations and management has traditionally been the domain of a COO in conjunction with departmental

14 Apr 2011

Customer Onboarding Optimisation: The Final Piece of the Puzzle To Completing SOA & BPM

Many businesses have used SOA and BPM to streamline their processes. But without effective optimisation of the customer onboarding process,

3 Apr 2011

Harnessing the Power of the Oracle SOA Maturity Model

There’s no doubt that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can greatly benefit organizations that are looking to improve on inefficiencies, waste, data sharing, and other critical tasks. But without a solid SOA maturity model in place, the process can yield tepid results.

18 Mar 2011

SOA Apologetics

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) continues to gain momentum in the business world, with more and more businesses seeking to lower

9 Mar 2011

A Simple, Straightforward Guide to the SOA Maturity Model

Looking for a way to get a handle on what the SOA Maturity Model is all about? This simple guide

20 Jan 2011

New Forrester White Paper Compares SOA and BPM technologies in CIS category

This latest Forrester report evaluates 15 SOA and BPM technology vendors in the Comprehensive Integration Solutions (CIS) category.   Vendors in

4 Jan 2011

InterSystems Launches Major New Release Of Caché High-Performance Object Database

Eton, UK – 27th September 2010 —InterSystems today announced a major new release of its InterSystems Caché® high-performance object database.

13 Dec 2010

IT and the Future of Finance: How War, WikiLeaks and a Return to the Gold Standard Could Thrust SOA Into the Limelight

Since the start of the 21st century, world news seems to have remained steadily tumultuous. Starting with the Y2K non-starter,

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