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Category: Business Integration

Great Companies Center Their Tech Strategy Around Customers

A January 2018 Forrester report discusses the increasing importance of being intensely customer focused when developing a tech strategy. This reflects what we’re seeing while working with various customers in Banking, Healthcare and Retail. The report is well worth reading,...

4 Reasons Business Agility Is A Top Priority For Retailers

30 November 2017 -

We’ve had a busy few weeks attending various conferences and summits with our partners and customers. In the retail industry specifically, we’re finding that there is more urgency than ever for companies to become as agile as possible in terms...

Integrella Tech Talk #3

At Integrella we’re really keen to teach each other about the technologies relevant to us and our clients. We have a multidisciplinary team with different specialties and interests, but we are all encouraged to share our expertise. On every second...

“Who would do systems integration for their own amusement?”

15 March 2017 -

Good question Arthur… systems integration is a really niche skillset to have, so we can’t expect everyone to know what it is. In addition the field is changing every day, because of new technologies and organisation needs. Digital transformation is actually the more...

6 Top Tips For Integrating With BMC Remedy

Recently we worked with a tech non-profit to integrate their back and front office systems... here are some top tips we gathered working with BMC Remedy.

Future Changes for Insurance Add-ons

The General Insurance industry may be about to face further significant changes, following the first part of the FCA's report 'General insurance add-ons: Provisional findings of market study and proposed remedies'. So what are the potential remedies and how can integration help you prepare for these?

How well do you know your customers?

With the FCA reporting that some banks are still offering incentives to staff that could trigger misselling, it's probably a good time to review your 'Know your Customer' procedure. Start here with our best practice technologies and techniques.

Why integrate

30 August 2013 - is a valuable tool for the various sales and marketing departments within your business. However, if you haven’t integrated Salesforce with your other systems then you’re not benefitting from its full potential. Here are a few key benefits that you can gain from that will help your business to grow.

Look to the Future for Data Integration Rather Than Past Ideas

3 December 2012 -

For anyone who is involved within the IT, or data management, of a particular company it is important for them to stay up to date with what the future integration processes can be. The reason is that many companies are still relying on antiquated data management, as well as business processes, that leave a major hurdle for competing in the marketplace.

SOA and Corporate Perspective Integration Challenges

28 October 2012 -

The use of SOA, or service-oriented architecture, has been widely adopted around the world in many different types of corporations. As widely adopted as SOA is there are still many different organizations that still have yet to fully embrace, and...