Business Integration

3 Apr 2024

 Navigating the Integration Journey: Supporting Clients Venturing into AI

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into business operations has become increasingly vital for

15 Jul 2019

Meet The ISO 20022 Standard

Whether you’re involved in payments processing or not, you may have some questions about the change to the new ISO

1 May 2019

Small banks. Big challenges. We can help.

The digitalization of the banking industry presents both threats and opportunities for the UK’s smaller banks. The most successful of

28 Nov 2018

How to Create a Data Integration Strategy

As enterprises pursue digital transformation, nearly all are seeking to become more data-driven. This often means combining information from a wide

26 Nov 2018

Five Common Data Integration Use Cases

In order to choose the best tools, companies need to have data integration use cases which will add business value,

23 May 2018

Great Companies Center Their Tech Strategy Around Customers

A January 2018 Forrester report discusses the increasing importance of being intensely customer focused when developing a tech strategy. This

30 Nov 2017

4 Reasons Business Agility Is A Top Priority For Retailers

We’ve had a busy few weeks attending various conferences and summits with our partners and customers. In the retail industry

20 Mar 2017

Integrella Tech Talk #3

At Integrella we’re really keen to teach each other about the technologies relevant to us and our clients. We have

15 Mar 2017

“Who would do systems integration for their own amusement?”

Good question Arthur… systems integration is a really niche skillset to have, so we can’t expect everyone to know what it is.

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