Category: Business Integration

Five Key Business Integration Predictions for 2011

12 January 2011 -

Find out why 2011 is being called “the year of integration” by some top business integration analysts.

Companies Seek to Replace Trend Analysis with Predictive Business Intelligence

16 December 2010 -

Read about how traditional Business Intelligence and Trend Analysis is being augmented by Predictive Business Intelligence and Complex Event Processing, and how these cutting-edge analysis techniques can positively impact your company, regardless of your industry vertical.

Improving Operational Processes: Part 3 – Business Integration, Legacy Applications, and “Composite Applications.”

5 December 2010 -

In our last article on improving operational processes, we touched on the topic of legacy applications and how dealing with old or outdated business solutions pose cost and operational problems for many large businesses whose requirements change dramatically over time....

Improving Operational Processes: Part 2 – Using Business Integration To Tighten Up Disparate Systems

You may not believe it, but often the larger a company is, the more wasteful their operational processes become. And when you think about it, it makes sense: whereas a small business may go out and buy a simple CRM...