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How well do you know your customers?

With the FCA reporting that some banks are still offering incentives to staff that could trigger misselling, it's probably a good time to review your 'Know your Customer' procedure. Start here with our best practice technologies and techniques.

Why integrate

30 August 2013 - is a valuable tool for the various sales and marketing departments within your business. However, if you haven’t integrated Salesforce with your other systems then you’re not benefitting from its full potential. Here are a few key benefits that you can gain from that will help your business to grow.

Look to the Future for Data Integration Rather Than Past Ideas

3 December 2012 -

For anyone who is involved within the IT, or data management, of a particular company it is important for them to stay up to date with what the future integration processes can be. The reason is that many companies are still relying on antiquated data management, as well as business processes, that leave a major hurdle for competing in the marketplace.

SOA and Corporate Perspective Integration Challenges

28 October 2012 -

The use of SOA, or service-oriented architecture, has been widely adopted around the world in many different types of corporations. As widely adopted as SOA is there are still many different organizations that still have yet to fully embrace, and...

Business Integration Consultancy: Bringing Strategy & Technology Together

4 April 2012 -

Most successful companies have come to realise that, in order to perform well in competitive industries, comprehensive business integration is now a necessity. This is particularly true if your organization depends heavily on technology: the need to respond to changing...

Managed Service, Middleware Bridge Data Sharing Gaps For NHS and Educational Organisations

Public sector and data-heavy institutions such as NHS and educational organisations suffer from limitations in data sharing and tech support that can greatly lower productivity and customer service levels. Fortunately, managed services and middleware solutions are helping to bridge data sharing...

The Advantages of Outsourcing Business Integration

19 June 2011 -

Information technology can be a highly frustrating field. Much like doctors that spend years training for every possible eventuality, learning the complicated worlds of anatomy, physiology, disease, and antibiotics who are then forced to spend their days treating nothing more...

The Dos & Don’ts of BPM, Part One: The Dos

Over the years, Business Process Management (BPM) has often gotten a bad reputation as being too difficult, too costly, or too ineffective.  Many times this is due to improperly named processes being labeled as true BPM, or existing products that...

Source: Limited Business Integration Resources Could Spell Disaster For NHS Trusts

An insider at a leading NHS Trust reveals that strict NHS regulations combined with limited business integration support and know-how could lead to a total breakdown in the UK healthcare system.

New Forrester White Paper Compares SOA and BPM technologies in CIS category

20 January 2011 -

This latest Forrester report evaluates 15 SOA and BPM technology vendors in the Comprehensive Integration Solutions (CIS) category.   Vendors in their CIS category are thought to have a good overall combination of architecture, integration server, application development, business process management...