10 Mar 2014

Official HealthShare partners

HealthShare is the latest software to emerge from InterSystems HQ. Built using Ensemble technology, it is a health informatics platform, designed to provide complete visibility and interoperability for holistic patient record across a wide healthcare economy.

The HealthShare platform brings together essential tools for patient safety and healthcare efficiency. These include an Enterprise Master Patient Index, Mini Spine services, Terminology Services and a comprehensive Clinical Viewer. Combined, this can help you to achieve completely holistic, paperless patient information so you have an entire medical view of the person you are treating.

Thanks to our experience in providing Ensemble services, and the close relationship we have developed with InterSystems, Integrella have been selected as their HealthShare implementation partner.

“Integrella are very pleased to be adding HealthShare implementation to our healthcare service offerings. Having worked closely with InterSystems on numerous Ensemble implementation projects, it makes sense that we should expand our offerings to include HealthShare.” Graham Frost, Executive Director, Integrella

Please click here to read more on HealthShare and the surrounding services we offer.

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