Digital transformation has become a critical part of NHS strategy and is key to reliving a  pressured system.

Every industry has been disrupted by COVID-19, now transformation in the healthcare industry is more critical than ever before.  Technology can help unlock huge benefits in productivity, privacy of data, interoperability and patient engagement.

As the healthcare market evolves, disruptive technologies such as AI and cloud are paving the way for more efficient patient treatments and real-time access to health records. A well implemented transformation should improve patient care and make healthcare organisations more financially sustainable and protected from future threats.

Healthcare Expertise

We are a leading provider of digital solutions to the NHS. Our projects delivered the following benefits:

  • Improved use of data – seamless, real-time and accurate views of patient and operational data across organisations and departments
  • Analytics and insight – releasing and combining data transforms it into valuable information enables more efficient processes and better patient experience
  • Customised solutions – we can help bring critical services on line quicker
  • Cost-savings – remove the need to invest in new systems, save time and staff overheads, and increase productivity

Digital Integration Platform & API Lab

We have reviewed all of the modern API, integration and cloud-native technical building blocks and operating models that enable a successful digital transformation.  It turns out there is no single product that does everything that is needed. All our knowledge has been assembled into a Digital Integration Platform and API Lab to accelerate your journey to digital – reducing costs providing you with limitless scale, and an ability to innovate at speed.

These technologies can help the NHS respond to changes, as well as derive benefits such as increased patient safety & satisfaction, cost savings, and meeting regulatory requirements.

Find out more about our Digital Integration Platform here.


Review, Upgrade or Improve – Find out about our InterSystems services for NHS Trusts.

We are a registered Crown Commercial Services Supplier.

Take a look at the technologies we work with, as well as some of our industry case studies below.

Case studies

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