Retailers have to be more connected, convenient, compelling and social than ever – and we help them achieve this through digital integration.

With physical stores matching the online experience through increased in-store technology, and online sites providing a virtual physical store experience, good integration is essential in order to enable this convergence. Online retail sets the bar for digital services in the UK, and there’s more competition between online and high street as complexity in retail systems continues to grow.

Every market has been disrupted by developments in digital and companies are under pressure to adapt and cut costs at the same time. Experience shows the hardest part of going digital is unlocking the value in existing data and processes.

Retail Expertise

We have designed, implemented and supported many integration solutions in the retail sector, which delivered the following benefits:

  • New revenue streams – for example through the use of APIs
  • Improved use of data – seamless, real-time and accurate views of information across departments, allowing you to keep track of sales and customer demand.
  • Analytics and insight – releasing and combining trapped data and transforming it into valuable information enables better customer and user experience.
  • Customised solutions – through a fusion of consultancy, technical and support services you can innovate and get ahead of the opposition to bring new services to market quickly.
  • Cost-savings – refreshing and modernising existing systems can remove the need to invest in new systems; getting expert help saves you time and staff overheads.

Digital Integration Platform & API Lab

We have reviewed all of the modern API, integration and cloud-native technical building blocks and operating models that enable a successful digital transformation.  It turns out there is no single product that does everything that is needed. All our knowledge has been assembled into a Digital Integration Platform and API Lab to accelerate your journey to digital – reducing costs providing you with limitless scale, and an ability to innovate at speed.

These technologies can help companies respond to changes in the industry, as well as derive benefits such as increased customer satisfaction, cost savings and increased revenue.

Take a look at the technologies we work with, as well as some of our industry case studies below: