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Since 2007 we’ve been designing, implementing and supporting systems for our retail sector customers. Consumer expectations are changing fast – while they continue to expect top quality products and services at attractive prices, retailers have to be more connected, convenient, compelling and social than ever.

With physical stores matching the online experience through increased in-store technology, and online sites providing a virtual physical store experience, good integration is essential in order to enable this convergence. Online retail sets the bar for digital services in the UK. And the fact is that because the bar is high, more is expected from from all retailers. Online shopping is growing, there’s more competition between online and high street, and complexity in retail systems continues to grow.

We’ve identified that the ideal digital experience has 6 characteristics

  1. It’s real-time
  2. It’s on-demand
  3. It’s all online
  4. You can ‘do it yourself’
  5. It connects to social
  6. It connects to even more – like recommendations and cross-sells

The retail industry has set the bar for digital transformation in the UK. This means customers expect a certain level of sophistication from all retailers. Can you say for sure that the digital experience you offer meets the above 6 characteristics? Also, are you leveraging some of the real revenue increases and other benefits which could be gained? This is where we can help you.

Why Integrella?

We are a leading provider of integration solutions across the retail sector. We have designed, implemented and supported many integration projects, which delivered the following benefits:

  • New revenue streams – for example through the use of APIs
  • Improved use of data – seamless, real-time and accurate views of information across departments, allowing you to keep track of sales and customer demand.
  • Analytics and insight – releasing and combining trapped data and transforming it into valuable information enables better customer and user experience.
  • Customised solutions – through a fusion of consultancy, technical and support services you can innovate and get ahead of the opposition to bring new services to market quickly.
  • Cost-savings – refreshing and modernising existing systems can remove the need to invest in new systems; getting expert help saves you time and staff overheads.

We have extensive experience in helping retail companies with their integration and support, making them more connected, more convenient, more compelling and more social. Utilising the latest technologies, like APIs and API management, we drive digital transformation for our customers. We’ll ensure you leverage the systems you already have, and then plot a course to keep on the right digital track.

Take a look at the technologies we work with, as well as some of our industry case studies below: