7 Sep 2016

How To Select The Best SOA Solution For Your Company – PDF Download

Selecting the best SOA solution can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve put together our top tips from years of SOA projects so you can get the best results.

At Integrella we are often called upon to help companies select the right SOA solution for their business. Teams which are not experienced in this area often end up spending a lot of time and money doing their research, and sometimes they still don’t make the best decisions.

If you’re in this situation we’ve put together our top tips for you in this free downloadable paper which will talk you through selecting the right SOA software, and finding the right help to implement, maintain and support your solution.

The paper includes:

  • a detailed selection criteria list
  • a scoring system
  • a shortlist of top SOA technology vendors
  • a step-by-step process to follow
  • advice on issuing ITTs

This is specialist information which we have learnt and refined over hundreds of integration jobs.

Finding the right SOA solution could provide the foundation for ensuring the business agility of your company – so it can end up being a bigger piece of work than most people think. In addition, some think they select, buy and implement the solution, and that’s the end of the story – but they don’t consider the long term implications or maintenance requirements.

Using this expert information will save you time and money, and ultimately help you make the best decision possible. You will also avoid many SOA pitfalls.

Would you like some help or and reassurance about your decision? Would you like a foolproof process to help you avoid any common mistakes?

Just drop your details into this form and download the whitepaper:  “How to select the best SOA solution for your company”

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