11 Nov 2012

The Importance of Cloud Computing Integration As Disaster Backup

Integration of cloud computing within a business process and services-oriented architecture culture is more important than many companies have given

14 Oct 2012

SOA and Cloud Computing – How They Work Together, Part 3: Consuming Services in the Cloud

The movement towards more cloud computing as the process by which companies can design better services for their customers has

7 Oct 2012

SOA and Cloud Computing – How They Work Together, Part 2: Providing Services in Cloud

Architectural Prerequisites for Providing Services Within A Cloud Computing Integration.

30 Sep 2012

SOA and Cloud Computing: How they Work Together, Part 1: The Why

Find out what SOA provides for easily transitioning into a cloud computing environment?

26 Aug 2012

Three Major Aspects of Strong Cloud Architecture

For both those who are experienced with process architecture, and those who are learning today within the cloud computing structure, there are three major aspects that must never be overlooked.

16 Aug 2012

CloudCast (TM) Cloud Integration Launched at the BCS

Integrella launches CloudCast, its ingenious cloud integration solution, at the BCS Financial Services Specialist Group’s seminar on Cloud Computing Challenges and Solutions in the Financial Sector.

17 Jul 2012

EAI: Integrating Applications In The Cloud

Cloud computing is the clear future for enterprise solutions. Read about effective application integration in the cloud, and why it is a critical feature for enterprises.

27 Jun 2012

What Is SaaS?

Hopefully by now you have a solid grasp of what is entailed in cloud based computing. One of the primary

19 Jun 2012

Head Into The Cloud

Not everyone has yet been introduced to precisely what “Cloud based computing” is. The terms often leave the uninitiated stumped

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