7 Sep 2016

Your options for transitioning from JCAPS – PDF download

You may be facing a JCAPS migration soon, as Oracle are phasing out support for some legacy middleware packages.

If you are running JCAPS or SeeBeyond you might not be aware that Oracle are gradually phasing out support for some of their legacy middleware software including eGate, DataGate, ICAN and Oracle Java CAPS. This presents an interesting challenge for Java CAPS users to maintain their existing infrastructure as well as moving onto a new platform.

As IT integration experts, and longstanding SOA specialised Oracle Gold Partners, we know a thing or two about the challenges you face, and the options you now have. So we’ve written a whitepaper on just this topic, which will give you an overview of your possible next steps:

  1. Shore up JCAPS and keep it running in sustaining support as long as possible
  2. Transition to Oracle SOA using Oracle’s automated migration tool
  3. Transition to another platform
  4. Transition to Cloud

Just drop your details into the form and you will have this detailed whitepaper “Options and Recommendations for your JCAPS transition” delivered straight to your inbox. You will then have a clear understanding of how to approach this transition phase safely and with minimum disruption.

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