11 Nov 2018

[WEBINAR RECORDING] Get On The Digital Fast Track With APIs

API’s are routinely touted as a significant driver for business growth & improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, and a major enabler for enterprise digital transformation programmes.

Integrella has been in the business of helping enterprises across industry sectors with their integration problems for over 10 years. On the 28th of November 2018 we held a webinar to share our views on the role of APIs in digital transformation.

We presented:

  • Our view of what API’s are.
  • Why we should all be interested in API’s.
  • Our view on how organisations can move along the API maturity curve.
  • The commercial considerations of embarking on an API journey as we see them.

There was something for everyone at the session, touching on commercial, technical and operational topics, followed by some Q&A.

Watch a recording of the webinar

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About Integrella and APIs

API Management focuses on the consumption of APIs and not the production of services, which is where ESBs and SOA platforms have focused in the past. Integrella has been in the business of Enterprise integration using ESBs and SOA for over 10 years. Our deep background in this field proves to be a strong foundation on which we have built our API Factory offering.

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