2 Feb 2024

Leading Provider of Independent Insights Morningstar, Partner with Integrella

Morningstar a leading provider of independent investment insights, announced the launch of Direct Web Services. This is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) that packages Morningstar’s data, research, and calculation engines for financial services firms to use in their own digital solutions.


Stock Investing | Morningstar

Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment insights, has unveiled the introduction of Direct Web Services. This offering comprises a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) meticulously designed to encapsulate Morningstar’s data, research, and calculation engines, catering specifically to financial services firms seeking to embed these resources within their digital solutions.

Direct Web Services stands augmented by a newly established global network of certified partners, ensuring the seamless integration of API functionality for firms engaged in the development of sophisticated websites and applications. Integrella proudly stands among these distinguished partners. Integrellas developed platform, Fundations, has been meticulously crafted to aid individuals and professionals in planning, saving, and investing towards their financial objectives. It accomplishes this by harnessing the trusted and pertinent information supplied by Morningstar.

Acknowledging the overwhelming abundance of financial products available, both advisors and individual investors often find it arduous to stay abreast of the latest offerings and their intricacies. The intricacy of information alongside the need for in-depth analysis, coupled with the ever-evolving market conditions, creates impediments in making well-informed and timely investment recommendations.

To address this, Fundations has been meticulously constructed. Its primary goal is to provide a highly customisable interface into Morningstar’s extensive and comprehensive research and data. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to integrate additional bespoke data. Fundations empowers users to take charge of leveraging data for their investment decision-making process, offering advanced customisable features and employing conversational AI to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in investment management.

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