Financial Services

We design, implement and support our Financial Services clients’ integration systems.

The financial services industry has evolved quickly over the last few years, with fintechs booming and online banks rising to challenge traditional institutions.

Banks are now leveraging technologies to innovate and improve the customer experience. Customer wants and needs have changed – they want more control over their finances, more efficiency when it comes to transactions and added security. Financial institutions must keep up with customer needs, or risk falling behind.

Now is the time for our traditional institutions to challenge their long-standing conventions and take a step back and really look at their market. What do their customers want? How has Covid-19 changed their expectations of us? Business models must be reframed and customers put at the forefront of strategies.

Our years of experience has shown us that the hardest part of going digital is unlocking the value in existing data and processes. We are here to help our financial services clients use their data in the most cost-effective way to relieve the pressure that comes with innovating.

Financial services expertise 

We have experience bringing the following benefits to our financial services customers:

  • New revenue streams – for example through the use of APIs
  • Improved use of data – seamless, real-time and accurate views of information such as trade feeds, settlement, risk management and P&L reporting across organisation departments
  • Analytics and insight – releasing and combining trapped data and transforming it into valuable information enables better decision-making, more efficient business processes and an enriched user experience.
  • Customised solutions – through our consultancy, financial, technical and support services, accelerating innovation and gaining advantages over competitors to generate real business value.
  • Cost-savings – refreshing and modernising existing systems remove the need to invest in new systems; getting expert help saves time and staff overheads.

Digital Integration Platform & API Lab

We have reviewed all of the modern API, integration and cloud-native technical building blocks and operating models that enable a successful digital transformation.  It turns out there is no single product that does everything that is needed. All our knowledge has been assembled into a Digital Integration Platform and API Lab to accelerate your journey to digital – reducing costs providing you with limitless scale, and an ability to innovate at speed.

These technologies can help companies respond to changes like Open Banking and PSD2, as well as derive benefits such as increased customer satisfaction, new revenue streams and increased revenue.

Find out more about our Digital Integration Platform here.


Case studies

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