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Category: Financial Services

FinTech 2018 – Integrella’s Top Picks For Industry Events

Happy new year! We wish you a very happy and successful 2018. To start the year, we wanted to share with you some of the FinTech events on our radar, plus a synopsis of key discussion points in Fintech right now. API...

Open Banking and PSD2 Creates Challenges And Opportunities

Following on from the FIMA conference in London a couple of weeks ago, we have been thinking a lot about how changes to regulation are set to impact financial institutions and banks particularly. There are 2 main regulations which are...

FIMA 2017 – Conference Highlights Challenges and New Opportunities in Financial Services

I was very pleased to attend FIMA Europe last week – a forum for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and senior-level data professionals from top banks and asset management companies – to discuss how to meet regulatory reporting requirements faster, support...

Future Changes for Insurance Add-ons

The General Insurance industry may be about to face further significant changes, following the first part of the FCA's report 'General insurance add-ons: Provisional findings of market study and proposed remedies'. So what are the potential remedies and how can integration help you prepare for these?

Integrella and the Future of Inventory Management

29 April 2014 -

As the needs of the Financial Services sector change and more and more companies look to cloud based software, Integrella are working with Inventor, a cloud-based Inventory Management system. Inventor is built specifically for the management of precious metals, but can easily be adapted for the management of other precious commodities such as diamonds, art-work and higher volume items.

SharePoint and it’s place in Finance

19 March 2014 -

With financial services organisations looking into 'The Cloud' and how real-time they can get their information, we talk to our partners Yeven Consulting to better understand the role of SharePoint in the modern Enterprise.

Regulations for the Payment Systems industry

17 March 2014 -

In March 2013 the government published a consultation, ‘Opening UK payments’, which proposed the idea of bringing operators of payment systems under formal economic regulation by spring 2015. How much regulatory burden will this really bring to the industry?

How well do you know your customers?

With the FCA reporting that some banks are still offering incentives to staff that could trigger misselling, it's probably a good time to review your 'Know your Customer' procedure. Start here with our best practice technologies and techniques.

Financial Services BIG THREE for 2014: Real-time analytics

28 January 2014 -

With all the systems, applications and products that organisations are using, they are collecting more and more data than ever before. All this data can prove so valuable to a company that CFOs are now putting a monetary value to the data that they hold.

Financial Services BIG THREE for 2014: Clouds on the horizon…

28 January 2014 -

To date there has been much discussion surrounding the adoption of cloud computing within the Financial Services industry. Research shows this will gradually pick up throughout 2014, with 71% of firms saying that they will invest more in cloud computing going forward.