13 Aug 2017

API Programme Pitfalls

Are you starting an API programme? These tips will help you avoid some of the most common API pitfalls.

It’s not hard to build and operate an API initiative that works. But it takes a mind shift for most companies. It’s a different way of doing things, from a people, process, and technology perspective. Thinking digitally means you see challenges and opportunities from a user or customer perspective. Then you measure what matters to them, and structure development and operations to support new needs.

From empowering leaders, to embracing the right funding models, to building the right teams, it’s about working differently and leveraging the power of APIs across the digital value chain. Armed with your API solution and a API platform strategy, you can do more than just survive. You can help your digital business to thrive.

So it’s about more than just selecting an API platform. Once you’re made your choice the real work starts. To help you navigate API pitfalls, our consultants have put together a whitepaper explaining 7 of the most common pitfalls including:

  • Key insights into what the ideal API programme team looks like
  • Losing old methodologies which don’t apply in the new world of APIs
  • The importance of leadership and budget
  • How to know if your programme is succeeding
  • Important thoughts about funding your API programme
  • Getting developers on-board ASAP
  • How not to kill your initiative with too much governance

This 16-page whitepaper will help you identify gaps, potential risks and new opportunities to realise greater value and better return on investment. Just drop your details into this form to download 7 Pitfalls of API Programmes.

Also – access our API webinar recordings

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