13 Jun 2020

25 Factors To Consider When Evaluating API Products & Vendors

Over thousands of hours of research and projects delivered we have developed our view of the top criteria to consider when evaluating API products and vendors. This is now available to you in this pdf download.

The hardest part of going digital is accessing all the data and processes trapped in core systems of record – some of which are not ready for digital.

A large variety of technologies are needed to deliver applications and integrations that are robust, secure and scalable enough for the business to depend on. In this cloud era, the technical stacks that are being used are changing rapidly and it is hard to assemble the technical building blocks in a cohesive way. There are so many products and vendors to choose from, yet there is no off-the-shelf product that does everything that is needed.

We have worked on countless large-scale digital transformation and API initiatives across industries and incorporated our learnings into an API Lab, in order to provide our customers with everything they need in order to make their digital transformations a success.

Topics we cover in this download include:

Is all development API development?
The beauty of a service mesh
Slicing your monolith into microservices
What you didn’t know about east / west & north / south traffic
The understated importance of the developer portal
One of the most challenging aspects of API security

…. plus plenty more.

Fill in the form and look out for an email from us with your pdf download. We hope it helps you on your journey to digital maturity using APIs and cloud technology.

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