3 Jan 2011

TIBCO Tutorial: A Simple XML Transformation Using TIBCO Designer

TIBCO architects are always in search of valuable, new content and tutorials. Here’s a new TIBCO tutorial from Integrella that outlines a simple XML transformation using TIBCO Designer. The video is narrated and directed by Marcus Davies, the CEO of Integrella, and it takes you through an easy, step-by-step process using a screencast.

This TIBCO tutorial is particularly helpful for Enterprise Integration Architects, Managers, Business Leaders, and TIBCO designers. The video is part of the Integrella Enterprise Integration Architect Series looking at SOA and BPM technologies, so be sure to keep a lookout for all of Integrella’s TIBCO tutorials on YouTube and at https://www.integrella.com.

This screencast demonstrates how to use TIBCO Designer to map an XML Trade (using a Trade.xsd) into a Settlement XML data structure (using a Settlement.xsd).  A later tutorial will demonstrate how to include error handling.

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