9 Sep 2013

The future of patient flow

At Integrella, we are always looking to partner with innovative companies that complement our business services. There are numerous application developers out there that aim to provide real answers to real problems and make the lives of the staff or customers involved as easy as possible.

With the booming SaaS (Software as a Service) culture changing the way we interact with our customers, it is becoming increasingly important that data can be accessed quickly, safely and securely from many different sources. That’s why it is essential application providers supply integration services to their clients in order to ensure their product works as efficiently as possible.

Cayder, innovators of a unique Patient Flow Management (PFM) solution and Integrella have joined forces for that very reason. Cayder’s PFM solution allows care professionals across multiple departments to manage the progress of patients from referral to inpatient stay and back into the community, allowing them to deliver better care and more efficient services.
Integrella will be able to add value to Cayder’s PFM solution by merging information and alerts from multiple systems, reducing the administrative burden on frontline carers. This new partnership supports the Government’s Releasing Time To Care (RTC) scheme which incentivises healthcare organisations to deliver both quality and cost benefits.
Marcus Davies, CEO of Integrella, said: “In answer to our customers’ needs, it seems right to offer the entire package going forward. Cayder offer a patient-flow solution that takes the burdensome administration processes and makes them simple and automated. Team this with the integration services that we offer at Integrella and you have an entire healthcare centre released from on-going paper-based administration.”
To find out more about Cayder’s PFM solution visit www.cayder.co.uk or email info@integrella.com for more information on our joint services
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