After 10 years in business we’ve developed a large network of trusted associates. When we hire staff into our team we’re confident that we get things right – so we’ve extended this to help companies that need specialist IT resources.

  • Are cumbersome internal recruitment processes holding you up from providing efficient project delivery?
  • Is a lack of specialist knowledge stopping you from finding the right people?
  • Is your company losing time and money because of poor resource availability?

Our VirtualBench sets us apart

We track over 2500 associates, many of which have been referred to us or worked for us, in addition to a database of 9000 IT contractors.

There are some key features that set us apart from traditional 3rd party solutions:

  • We use our own consultants to technically assess and qualify candidates.
  • We blend our resourcing services with other wrap-around services for projects utilising artefacts and accelerators.
  • We offer support and quality assurance.
  • We are able to provide market intelligence on skillset availability, demand and trends.
  • We can accommodate and manage resources at our offices if required.

Our offer to you

We’re offering your company the benefits of our Virtual Bench by keeping us fully briefed on your project requirements – so we’ll maintain a capacity of pre-screened suitable candidates for you.

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