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Specialist Resource Provisioning

Specialist Resource Provisioning

Our Specialist Resource Provisioning (SRP) service utilises our internal recruitment processes to help you find the right integration and SOA resource quickly and on budget. As a trusted partner to key players in IT integration, you can be sure that when we hire staff into our team we get things right – so now we’ve extended this to help companies which need specialist integration resource.

Customers have been so delighted with the value we have been able to add, that we decided to make this the cornerstone of our Specialist Resource Provisioning service. We now have a small team in place which look after all the recruitment and scheduling for our project teams.

Our specialist database sets us apart

We have 1,500 associates, many of which have been referred to us or worked for us in the past, and a database of 35,000 relevant IT contractors.

There are some key features which set us apart from traditional 3rd party suppliers:

  • We are able to use our integration consultants to technically assess and qualify candidates
  • We have a different pool of resource than offered elsewhere in the market
  • We can blend our resourcing services with other wrap-around services for projects; support and provide artefacts, project accelerators to complete projects quicker and provide quality assurance
  • We can use our consultants to provide cover when resources are sick or on holiday
  • We can provide market intelligence on skillset availability, market demand and current trends in contractor resource cost, which is especially useful when costing a project
  • We have the capacity to accommodate and manage at our offices in Moorgate if required

A proactive approach

If we know what resources you need regularly or for upcoming projects – temporary, contract or permanent – our team can start to pre-screen suitable people from our networks so that once the project gets approval you can be ready to deliver almost straight way. This proactive approach gives us faster delivery and allows for better project planning from your side.