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Our consultants work as partners to our clients, acting as a specialist part of our client’s IT departments. No matter what your integration project, our expert integration consulting service will evaluate your current processes and provide you with road maps and recommendations to ensure seamlessly integrated systems.

Integrella draws from a broad range of expertise from a portfolio which is both flexible and scalable. We have a range of expert integration consultants at various levels, who have proven experience delivering high quality work. This means that they often spot issues which have been missed by others or can suggest improvements that can have a lasting beneficial effect, often leading to improved processes and cost savings. In addition, if a requirement arises, other Integrella staff could be made available at short notice to supplement the work when deadlines may change.

Organisations across all industries now face an enormous challenge to manage data effectively in order to ensure that the right people have access to the right information exactly when and where they need it. In order to help you build efficient business processes and integration infrastructure, we offer a broad consultancy approach.

Our consulting clients can benefit from:

Best practice, artefacts, accelerators and tools – we have built up this expertise over many integration projects. We share this information with clients and help them save time and money because they can avoid many mistakes which can be made.

Knowledge transfer – clients sometimes feel concerned about supporting their integrations after the project is delivered. Our consultants can assist with this by adopting a team leader or mentorship role within the wider project team, which can help with knowledge and skills transfer to the client team.

Automated transition testing – We provide a structured approach to ensure that your integration works perfectly. Part of our approach is to leverage our Automated Testing Suite. This tool matches the conditions of the client system, and gives us the opportunity to thoroughly test the integration solution before handing over to the client.

Project starter packs – Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re are unsure how to approach your integration project and need some expert help to kickstart the process, we offer some simple and cost-effective consultancy ‘starter packs’. We offer these for Ensemble, Oracle and Mule. These typically include an integration strategy workshop and write-up, and will help you to outline your business case and may include a proof-of-concept. We can also map out the best strategies and roadmaps for the successful adoption, enablement and governance

API strategy – We can help you investigate API management solutions. This includes thoseif you’re looking into buying an API solution, or if you’re reviewing your existing one. We can help by setting up an API Strategy  or selecting the right API Management platform. That would include providing demos and setting up API Standards and best practices , enabling the developer community and  building / managing APIs.

Integration review – If you are experiencing a breakdown of communication between your  ESB, systems and applications, we can conduct a review of your integration to establish where the problem lies. This fixed price integration review will give you access to our business analysts and integration engineers, onsite or in our London office. This process consists of understanding your current infrastructure, identifying areas of weakness and providing you with a suggested roadmap for the solution.

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Case studies

Click on the images below to read our industry case studies:

Our consultant was a highly capable, driven and delivery focused consultant. He has successfully delivered a number of our key projects on time and to an exceptional standard. His Java EE and SeeBeyond integration knowledge is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Integrella for future integration consultancy work. Project Manager, Major Investment Bank
This has been partnership and collaborative working at it's best. Project Manager, Retail Bank

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