23 Feb 2011

Oracle BPM Suite Video Tutorial: How To Use Simulation Models to Calculate ROI On Automation

While business is becoming increasingly more productive, streamlined, and automated, you’d be surprised at how many large organisations still rely on manual, paper-based business processes to keep their operations moving. Year after year, needless time, money, and resources are wasted in keeping outmoded, inefficient processes in place that not only lead to unnecessary expenditures, but also run the risk of increased human error.

In spite of the fact that business process management (BPM) has long been proven to tighten up these types of processes through quick, reliable, and cost-effective automated processes, some business stakeholders and operations executives are able to see the big picture in how a business solution can in fact make a considerable difference on the operational balance sheet at year’s end.

Fortunately, Oracle BPM Suite’s simulation functionality now allows you to quantitatively model business processes and determine their costs, inefficiencies, and areas that can be automated using a platform such as Oracle BPM Suite.

Take a look at this video below, where Integrella CEO Marcus Davies illustrates how easy it is to use Oracle BPM Suite’s simulator to determine how much a business process costs a business, and which part of the business process are cost-efficient to automate.

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