Data Sharing

Data Sharing

Getting secure, reliable access to data is often the hardest part of digital transformation.  It involves taking the data trapped in your existing systems and serving it up to developers and partners in a user friendly, secure, reliable, scale-able way.

Taking control of your data leads to empowered developers who can build innovations quickly that do not have their hands tied by legacy systems and processes.  It is essential if you want to build an agile organisation and will pay dividends
We work with enterprises to plan & shape delivery mechanics. Using our mix of technical and functional expertise we’ll deliver change with the required command and control – keeping a close eye on delivery and target business outcomes.
Our methodology has been tried and tested over time by our consultants working with customers across industries. Our multi-disciplinary team deliver across most of the popular enterprise platforms.

We have our own Digital Platform accelerator which –

  • is cloud-native
  • is cloud-agnostic (runs on AWS, Azure, GCP and OpenShift)
  • is based on open source technology
  • supports all the Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • includes API Management
  • includes a Service Mesh

We also have expertise in the leading vendor based integration technologies including –

  • InterSystems Iris/HealthShare
  • Mulesoft
  • Rhapsody
  • RedHat Fuse
  • Oracle SOA

Our customers benefit from our expertise in –

  • Data sharing strategy
  • Vendor selection
  • API management
  • Message based integration
  • Mass data integration
  • Data migration
  • Data security


Case studies

Click on the images below to read our industry case studies: