7 Mar 2014

New Orion Health™ Rhapsody® service centre

Integrella have built a solid healthcare base over the last 10 years, providing expert advice and skilled services to Trusts up and down the country. Our expertise in integration has led to our involvement in a number of ITK Standard projects, helping Trusts win funding for the work they produce.

We have seen many changes to the Healthcare IT landscape during this time, as the needs and demands of Trusts and patients change. Up to now, the supply of services surrounding Orion Health’s Rhapsody integration engine has been limited. As a specialist in healthcare integration we have decided it’s time we added a Rhapsody service to our repertoire.

“Orion Health is among the leading suppliers of integration software in the UK Healthcare market. For this reason, we have extended our expertise here at Integrella, and have built a Rhapsody practice through which we are able to offer Orion Health customers a new alternative for Rhapsody services.” Wasim Shabir, Healthcare Sales Manager, Integrella

Integrella have considered the needs of Rhapsody customers and put together a flexible package of services. Not only do we provide a  ‘Fully Managed Service’ (leave your integration platform in the hands of our skilled Integration Consultants entirely), Orion Health customers can choose Long-Term Support, fixed price project work, or even a review of their current infrastructure.

“We hope these offerings will supply our Orion Health customers with the services that they need, at a cost that will work for them.” Neal Assing, Sales Manager, Integrella

To read more about these new services, visit the Orion Health page on our website.

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