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25 Factors To Consider When Evaluating API Products & Vendors

Over thousands of hours of research and projects delivered we have developed our view of the top criteria to consider when evaluating API products and vendors. This is now available to you in this pdf download. The hardest part of...

API Programme Pitfalls

29 August 2017 -

Are you starting an API programme? These tips will help you avoid some of the most common API pitfalls. It’s not hard to build and operate an API initiative that works. But it takes a mind shift for most companies. It’s...

Seven Things You Need To Know About Digital Transformation Now

The term digital transformation is being bandied about wherever you turn these days. It is an all-encompassing term, so it might be difficult to know how it relates to your company, and why it’s important now. We hope this paper...

InterSystems Configuration Best Practice

26 May 2017 -

Over half of NHS Trusts rely on InterSystems Ensemble as their ESB and TIE. Typically, Trusts end up in one of two situations – they’re on an old version of Ensemble, or they’re on the latest version but they’re not following...

How To Select The Best SOA Solution For Your Company

13 October 2016 -

Selecting the best SOA solution can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve put together our top tips from years of SOA projects so you can get the best results. At Integrella we are often called upon to help companies select the right SOA solution for...

Options and recommendations for transitioning from JCAPS

7 September 2016 -

You may be facing a JCAPS migration soon, as Oracle are phasing out support for some legacy middleware packages. If you are running JCAPS or SeeBeyond you might not be aware that Oracle are gradually phasing out support for some...