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[Video] What Do We Mean By Digital Transformation?

23 November 2020 -

Everyone says it, but what do they really mean? Find out what we mean when we talk about Digital Transformation: This is a short clip from our recent webinar on ‘The Hardest Part Of Digital Transformation’. During December we’re offering...

Growth, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction – Digital Transformation and Your KPIs

20 November 2020 -

If you’re in charge of your company’s digital transformation, you probably have Growth, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction KPIs on your mind. Sometimes it can be difficult to link your digital projects to these KPIs. Based on our experience, here’s how...

Integrella Featured In Report On Digital Transformation: Delivering The Promise Of Digital

4 September 2020 -

Many traditional companies hope that digital transformation can reverse their fortunes and unleash exciting possibilities, but few understand what is required for a full transformation to take place. In fact, around 80% of digital transformation projects fail. The most common...

From Monolith To Microservice Architecture

Many companies are migrating to microservices because monolithic systems are hard to maintain, and microservice architecture by contrast is more flexible and scalable. We think it’s an important way of future-proofing your company. Most businesses have a range of bespoke...

The Hardest Part Of Going Digital

Clients frequently tell us that the hardest part of “going digital” is accessing all the data and processes trapped in their core systems of record – some of which are not ready for digital. …this is particularly the case for...

Digital Integration – a key way to navigate economic uncertainty

1 June 2020 -

No one would blame you if you were feeling worried about the future of your company right now. It’s true that many things look uncertain in the face of global disruption. However three months have passed since the beginning of...