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4 Reasons Business Agility Is A Top Priority For Retailers

26 October 2016 -

We’ve had a busy few weeks attending various conferences and summits with our partners and customers. In the retail industry specifically, we’re finding that there is more urgency than ever for companies to become as agile as possible in terms...

How To Select The Best SOA Solution For Your Company

13 October 2016 -

Selecting the best SOA solution can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve put together our top tips from years of SOA projects so you can get the best results. At Integrella we are often called upon to help companies select the right SOA solution for...

Want to change or migrate your middleware?

13 October 2016 -

If you need to change or migrate middleware, choosing the best software can be an enormous challenge for an IT department. But getting it right can be one of the biggest opportunities to reap competitive advantage. Middleware software itself is supposed...

Open Water programme deadlines – are you ready?

10 October 2016 -

Expert integration is key to hitting Open Water programme deadlines – are you ready? Integrella has valuable experience to share in this area.

Nine Years In The Integration Business – What We’ve Learnt

4 October 2016 -

This October is the start of our 9th year in business. Apart from giving us an excuse to celebrate, it is also a good opportunity to look back at what we have achieved. Hear from our CEO Marcus Davies, on the past and future of Integrella.

Service Oriented Recruitment – The New Way To Think About Technical Resourcing

28 September 2016 -

We’ve applied what we’ve learnt from Service Oriented Architecture and created something called ‘Service Oriented Recruitment’. Most people in IT have heard of Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA. The beauty of SOA is that it breaks down the islands of...