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API Programme Pitfalls

24 April 2017 -

Are you starting, or thinking about starting an API programme? These tips will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes. It’s not hard to build and operate an API initiative that works. But it takes a mind shift for...

Integrella Tech Talk #4

On to our bi-weekly Tech Talk #4 where our technical team get together and geek out over tech themes, in the interests of learning from each other – this week the topic was Microservices delivered by Integrella’s senior infrastructure architecture...

Integrella Tech Talk #3

At Integrella we’re really keen to teach each other about the technologies relevant to us and our clients. We have a multidisciplinary team with different specialties and interests, but we are all encouraged to share our expertise. On every second...

“Who would do systems integration for their own amusement?”

15 March 2017 -

Good question Arthur… systems integration is a really niche skillset to have, so we can’t expect everyone to know what it is. In addition the field is changing every day, because of new technologies and organisation needs. Digital transformation is actually the more...

Malcolm Newbury Joins Integrella As Programme Director

25 January 2017 -

We’re very pleased to announce that Malcolm Newbury has joined us as Programme Director.  He will work closely with our development and support team to continue delivering well designed integration and support projects to our customers. In addition he will...

The Need For Speed

19 January 2017 -

We wanted to share a bit about our current focus, and what we’re seeing in the industry at the moment. We speak to many IT business leaders from a whole range of industry sectors and we’re seeing several disruptive themes...