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[Lunchtime TechTalk] APIs and Digital Integration – 12 February 2020

API’s are routinely touted as a driver for business growth & improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, and a major enabler for enterprise digital transformation programmes. But how do you know where to start and if they’re right for your...

APIs Could Make Or Break M&A Deals

The ‘true’ value within an enterprise is not its systems, assets, products or people, but its data. The surge in deal making seen at the end of 2017 has continued through into 2018/19. Pressure from shareholders and the search for...

Meet The ISO 20022 Standard

Whether you’re involved in payments processing or not, you may have some questions about the change to the new ISO 20022 standard and how it might impact your organisation.  Here’s our high-level overview: What is ISO 20022? ISO 20022 in...

Delivering APIs and Microservices Faster

Develop the velocity required to help your business prosper and grow. Find out how to go faster without sacrificing quality.

Three Digital Transformation Tips for Asset Management Executives

Tips for asset management executives depending on where they are with their digital strategy.

Small banks. Big challenges. We can help.

The digitalization of the banking industry presents both threats and opportunities for the UK’s smaller banks. The most successful of these alternative players will be those that meet customers’ evolving expectations and reach new markets using cutting edge technology. We...