28 Jan 2014

Healthcare BIG THREE for 2014: NHS to go completely e-Prescribing

Over the last few years, e-prescribing has been an undertaking confined to those Trusts willing to put in years of work to get their infrastructure ready. During 2013, we started to see organisations taking bigger steps towards e-prescribing, with one or two implementing it completely.

With NHS England’s deadline to have this in place by March 2015, we can start to see more and more of the initial concepts becoming completed projects.

E Health Insider highlighted the importance of having ‘some good infrastructure underpinnings’ in e-prescribing. With many e-prescribing concepts working hand in hand with the Bring Your Own Device program, it is vital that trusts are integrating these new applications, with on-premise systems in the right way.

Last year we worked with a number of trusts to meet the deadlines for ITK standard e-discharge work in round one. With round two still on the horizon we are expecting to be involved in some ITK standard e-prescribing projects as well. Check out our healthcare page.

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