28 Jan 2014

Financial Services BIG THREE for 2014: Real-time analytics

With all the systems, applications and products that organisations are using, they are collecting more and more data than ever before. All this data can prove so valuable to a company that CFOs are now putting a monetary value to the data that they hold. (See post: ‘What’s the value of your data?’ for more information).

Though analytics is a function that is used widely throughout organisations, particularly within the Financial Services sector, 2014 is the year it will get real-time. Many banks and insurance firms are offering a real-time service to their customers and so it is important to get information back on a real-time basis too. This will mean they are able quickly gather threads of information to make immediate improvements in business performance.

In order to help facilitate this need, Integrella are working with SharePoint consultants ‘Yeven Consulting’. Talking to our customers, there is an obvious need for an integrated and flexible platform for collaboration and analysis to take place. Integrating SharePoint with your various databases can give companies the ability to analyse information from a multiple of channels and act on this in real-time.

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