Digital Transformation

Expectations of your organisation are high. In every sector, the pressure is on to be more connected, more convenient, more compelling and more social. These needs drive digital transformation. Integrella can help you get started, realise the potential in what you already have – and set you on the digital fast track.

A few companies are setting the bar for excellent digital customer experiences, which means customers are now expecting more. The likes of Amazon, Uber and Netflix are setting the scene for easy, efficient and hassle-free service. The customer experience is now part of the buying decision – and a poor online or mobile experience could send your customers elsewhere even if your products are top-notch.

These push factors are increasing the urgency to transform:

  • Competition – Your competitors are continually striving to improve their customers’ experience
  • New Entrants – New and innovative players are are entering your market every day
  • End Users/ Buyers – Your buyers are willing to drop an established supplier if they have a better experience elsewhere
  • Suppliers – Your suppliers may withdraw their products or services in favour of those who are staying ahead digitally
  • Substitutes – Your product or service could become irrelevant if a good substitute hits the market – and digital products are making some traditional industries obsolete
  • Complementary Products – Customers are expecting to be recommended or sold complementary products which match with yours

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In all of these cases, organisations will need to take a two-pronged approach. They have to make the most of existing technology, understanding, mapping out, and integrating if necessary. They also need to embrace new technology and make it work alongside legacy systems. Organisations will have to embrace new technologies and ways of doing things, like API Management, Microservices and Devops.

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The ideal digital experience has 6 characteristics

Can you meet these criteria for digital excellence?

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