Digital Innovation Platform

Every market has been disrupted by developments in digital and companies are under pressure to adapt and cut costs at the same time. Experience shows the hardest part of going digital is unlocking the value in existing data and processes. Our Digital Innovation Lab gives you everything to make this happen. 

We have reviewed all of the modern API, integration and cloud-native technical building blocks and operating models that enable a successful digital transformation.  It turns out there is no single product that does everything that is needed.

Therefore, we have assembled all of this knowledge into a Digital Innovation Platform to accelerate your journey to digital to reduce costs, provide you with limitless scale and innovate at speed.

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Consumable API products

A re-usable catalogue of APIs as products, not integration projects or solutions to interconnect systems. A product-based approach is a shift in mind-set to but will reap huge rewards.

Reduced cost of integration & digital

Having your data catalogued and easily accessible means that digital innovators, vendors, partners, and clients can easily access this data through an API portal.

API’s encourage innovation

Sandbox environment to drive innovation at speed. These innovations can then be released into a staging or live environment with the confidence that security, reliability and scalability concerns will be addressed in a consistent way.

Increased control

When opening up APIs on the internet it is important to know exactly which App is consuming the API and which user is accessing the API. You should have full control to be able to disable a user or app if you detect a DoS attack or other form of security threat.

Essential security

Security Policies should be applied across all external and internally facing microservices/APIs so that all security is applied in a consistent way, without depending on developer coding.

Incremental software delivery

Configuring API’s across in the API gateway, API developer portal, service mesh and microservice platform is very difficult.

Speed to market

Having a catalogue of re-usable API’s and a proven methodology, standards and technical building blocks will rapidly accelerate your digital transformation.

New revenue streams

Many of our clients are using API’s to create new revenue streams and in some cases to triple their revenue. They are building white-labelled portals and B2B API’s to drive this revenue.

Infinite scale at reasonable price

Any modern app or Integration platform should leverage cloud-native and we have built our reference implementation in cloud-native technology which is able to run on Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenShift and even on-premise.