We use DevOps to help our clients manage IT system changes faster and run IT systems more reliably and cost-effectively.

DevOps is the amalgamation of culture, practices and tools which speeds up the delivery of services to the business. It does this through the faster delivery of software products and services on both the software development and operations side of DevOps.

On the development side DevOps improves the speed and quality of software delivery through the use of agile methodologies, test driven development, automated build, continuous integration and delivery, automated testing and automated code analysis.

On the operations side DevOps improves the speed and quality of the infrastructure delivery through the use of automated provisioning, containerisation, treating infrastructure as code, cloud based infrastructure and pro-active monitoring.

Why implement DevOps?

DevOps is really useful when your IT systems are changing often.

  • Changes from development to live can be achieved up to 20x quicker. From 4 weeks to 1 day.
  • Savings can be made up to 100% of manual testing costs and the cost of other resources waiting for the change.
  • The earlier in the testing life cycle that a bug can be detected, it is corresponding cheaper to fix. For every step in the lifecycle a bug is found, is a factor of 2-4 times more expensive to resolve than if it was found in the previous step.
  • Your biggest change bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated.

Why DevOps now?

DevOps has recently gained traction due to significant pressures on organisations needing to release software faster and change the way modern software is developed. Companies that can embrace DevOps can gain a competitive edge by bringing products and services to market faster – improving market share, making their business more efficient and their people more productive. Some key drivers for DevOps are:

  • The rate of business and IT change has gone up – making changes using the old methods now takes too long.
  • Delays, downtime, self-inflicted environment and service issues are increasingly unacceptable.
  • ‘Business As Usual’ consumes all resources. This leaves little time for growing or improving the business.
  • Scaling the business is either too difficult, too expensive, or both – so business opportunities may be missed due to inflexibility.
  • It is no longer cost effective to manually deliver software and operational infrastructure.
  • Digital is cheaper in the long run.
  • The next generation is increasingly dissatisfied with the way processes run in business.

How can Integrella help?

We have built up a number of artefacts and ways of working to help companies to adopt and maintain DevOps. Here is a description of a few of the services we offer:

  1. DevOps Review – We’ll work out how suitable DevOps is to your organisation, develop architecture and design for Test Driven Development (TDD), ascertain which parts of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) need the most attention, identify the potential benefits, and we’ll prioritise systems and processes.
  2. Architecture Review – Architecture and design for TDD, standards, continuous integration, continuous development, automated testing, leading to continuous delivery.
  3. Continuous Integration Accelerators – Most large companies have some element of this but it is now also required by small and medium-sized companies in order to compete.
  4. Automated Testing – We have an automated testing platform which will allow you to automate testing of your Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications in order to achieve faster release cycles and more reliable solutions while saving 30% – 50% on manual testing.
  5. Build up your own practice – We can help to recruit and build your own DevOps team.

Why Integrella?

Integrella specialises in delivering application integration for enterprise and cloud applications. Working at the fulcrum of data interchange within the enterprise means that we review and cater for all changes in the source and target data models and processes. We develop microservices to handle these changes and using DevOps frameworks to ensure that these changes are developed, tested and delivered as quickly and as seamlessly as possible into our solutions. Working in this way, we believe that our expertise, approach and solutions are of significant benefit to the wider enterprise architecture.

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