Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a holistic management approach which focuses on aligning all aspects of an organisation. This includes internal departments, with the wants and needs of its clients, thus spanning multi-functional boundaries. This approach differs from many traditional hierarchical management approaches.

Until recently the possibilities for BPM success has been limited somewhat, due to Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) that have been too integration-centric or human- centric.

The challenge

Business leaders in today’s climate face a constant challenge to effectively manage change in order to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, reduce recurring costs and manage customer their churn rate.

For example, the launch of a new product may require existing systems to be integrated. A new regulation may require that manual process steps now need to be recorded, or a business acquisition could result in multiple product lines being merged. How can these required changes be implemented without major disruption to the business?

Over time, traditional enterprise systems planning and roll-out absorb these issues. However these planning cycles are designed for large projects and not for supporting everyday operational change. As a result, changes are implemented at great cost and sometimes over many years. Meanwhile, operational staff are required to “make do” by manually filling in gaps and unfortunately absorbing the associated inefficiency, inaccuracy, and expense.

There is another way

It shouldn’t have to take long to implement process improvement projects like this.

There are many newer and more agile technologies and methods that are proven to effect business change and automate manual processes in weeks instead of months or years. We have seen our business optimisation clients cut operational costs by as much as 30% by using our unique approach to process improvement and recommended technology.

Our approach

When you engage with us, our IT Strategy and transformation consultants will quickly identify opportunities to improve performance by analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.

We are particularly strong at identifying how we can reduce your long-term costs, find new efficiencies and increase agility in others. Further to this we provide organisational change management assistance, coaching skills, and strategy development and technology implementation to ensure the transition is smooth and lasting.

Let’s talk…

Are you facing any of these?

  • Dynamic business challenges
  • Rapidly changing market conditions
  • Tight deadlines for change
  • A need to reduce operational costs
  • Workload peaks, troughs, backlogs and an excess of temporary staff or overtime
  • Process workarounds using spreadsheets and tactical databases
  • A need to improve accuracy, consistency
  • A need to meet regulatory requirements
  • A need to reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Core IT systems that are too inflexible, too costly to change, or too rigid to be able to service customers efficiently and effectively
  • Limited IT resources and a high level of ongoing unmet change requests
  • A need for technology that the business or IT can use to rapid effect

Your business process management strategy

After an initial consultation, typically the next step is to conduct a opportunity landscape workshop. Consultants will identify realistic and achievable areas for improvement, by undertaking a detailed process assessment of existing customer processes.

This assessment is used to generate a business optimisation strategy which details the recommended processes for improvement and prioritises them based on time efficiencies, reduced costs, improved customer experience and increased business agility.

If your business needs to reduce recurring costs, increase agility, or do more with less, contact us to find out how we can help.