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[WEBINAR] Get Started With APIs

Leverage APIs to stay ahead of competitors, and stay relevant to your customers

Looking to leverage APIs to stay ahead of competitors, and stay relevant to your customers? We’d like to share our point of view on how to start the journey.

In the first in our series on APIs we discussed how organisations can get on the digital fast track with APIs.

To follow on from this, we continued the conversation to share our experience on how to get started with APIs.

We discussed:

  • How to avoid pitfalls by doing the right due diligence upfront
  • How to determine business value
  • Our view on the best API delivery approach

APIs can help organisations meet many of their objectives with regards to mobile, web and data – but this type of transformational change can be tricky if not planned and executed efficiently from the beginning. We aim to give you a framework to start your project.

There was something for everyone at the session, touching on commercial, technical and operational topics, followed by a Q&A.

Access a recording of the webinar here.

About Integrella and APIs

API Management focuses on the consumption of APIs and not the production of services, which is where ESBs and SOA platforms have focused in the past. Integrella has been in the business of Enterprise integration using ESBs and SOA for over 10 years. Our deep background in this field proves to be a strong foundation on which we have built our API Factory offering