21 Aug 2013

Contractors vs Integrella’s Long Term Support

Trusts all over the country are taking on large integration projects in order to meet the ‘Paperless NHS’ targets set by the government. Whether part funded by NHS England schemes, or funded by the trust itself, these projects prove both costly and time-consuming. It must often be a cause of dilemma for trusts considering their options of taking on more specialist staff or investing in contractors as and when they need them.

There is third option. Integrella provide a different approach to tackling a heavy and variable workload. We pride ourselves on providing a different service that we believe works well for healthcare organisations and many other businesses too.

Here’s how it works:

Our LTS model ensures costs for support stay level regardless of the peaks in the workload. This means you can stay on budget and confidently set money aside for other costs that your department has to cover.
We have looked at a typical project for a typical trust, based on our previous customers and experience of integration projects. We are confident that using Integrella can save you between £500,000 and £1million, depending on the size of your Trust.
So there you have it, option number three. If you would like some more information on these costs or even a quote please contact us today.
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