Research and Development

Integrella employs some of the UK’s foremost computer engineering specialists.

Our Research & Development environment is complex and challenging, and subject to frequent and fundamental change. It employs a team of computer scientists specialising in the design and development of complex data architectural matrix models and the development of complex middleware integration and framework software technologies. This involves significant preliminary research modelling to define the boundaries of the data models and its migration and competence. It then involves complex development work upon high speed ‘big data’ that must assimilate into both isolated and legacy architecture.

This project work is highly relevant to our trade and has created a number of market opportunities, especially in the fields of SOA and BPM, and continues to grow in reputation. Although we’ve built up a scientific library of prime methodologies over sustained R&D activity, the scale and range of new project work requires continual research and trial and error preliminaries. This is exacerbated by the real time environment and the scale of data volume that is to be engineered and channelled.

Our R&D work has won international recognition for some of its core development prototypes and is emerging as a knowledge and excellence centre in this complex field.