14 May 2014

CCGs start to implement MCAP system


MCAP (Making Care Appropriate to Patients) is a system that helps trusts remain at the forefront of efficient and effective patient care. MCAP takes into account a patients’ conditions in order to identify the level and area of care required.

Numerous CCGs across the country have written MCAP into their plans and are rolling out the system to trusts within their remit. The work, funded by most CCGs, looks to effect a multitude of trusts over the coming months.

Here at Integrella, we are helping one of our customers to integrate its new MCAP system with its existing A&E system. The trust’s local CCG instructed it to put in place a solution to provide care level or patient placement decision software to interact with the trust’s A&E system.

This will enable A&E staff to make quick decisions about the level and type of care a patient needs as soon as they arrive at the hospital. Integrating with the A&E system ensures that not only can staff decide where they need to receive care, but also get the patient records over to that department as soon as possible.

Research done by MCAP’s system vendor; The Oak Group suggested that on average, one quarter of admissions are unnecessary and admitted patients could be treated more effectively at a different level of care almost half of the time.  Source: http://www.oakgroup.com/#!results/cjtd

If your CCG is funding similar work within your trust, get in touch with us for services and advice: info@integrella.com


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