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COVID-19 Remote Working – It’s business as usual at Integrella

At Integrella it’s business as usual right now – albeit with a team spread across the globe. So we thought we’d give you a rundown of how we do this and what tools we use – as many will be...

We’re excited to announce our presence in India

4 March 2020 -

We’re delighted to announce the establishment of an Indian entity to enable an excellent team of consultants who will provide cutting-edge offshore capability for our customers. This news follows the 2019 launch of our Digital Integration Platform and API Lab...

Integrella launches new branding with emphasis on Digital Integration

We’re delighted to launch our updated branding and website this week! We’ve got a new logo, and we’ve changed the look of the website to create a cleaner and more contemporary feel. We’re emphasising our new focus on ‘digital integration’-...

Nine Years In The Integration Business – What We’ve Learnt

4 October 2016 -

This October is the start of our 9th year in business. Apart from giving us an excuse to celebrate, it is also a good opportunity to look back at what we have achieved. Hear from our CEO Marcus Davies, on the past and future of Integrella.

Integrella Registers As A Crown Commercial Services Supplier

Integrella approved as a Crown Commercial Services Supplier and expands it's service offerings within the UK public sector.

Contractors vs Integrella’s Long Term Support

21 August 2013 -

Integrella provide a different approach to tackling a heavy and variable workload. Though it is true, we are a consultancy, we pride ourselves on providing a different service that we believe works well for healthcare organisations and many other businesses too.

Don’t miss out on your ITK funding

21 August 2013 -

With rumours suggesting another round of the Information Sharing Challenge Fund, it is an ideal time to start thinking about what you can get funding for. Through our projects last year, we have learned some valuable lessons about how to win this funding and implement ITK compliant projects in the future.

Integrella Recruits New Client Delivery Manager

16 August 2012 -

Thanks to strong growth and the addition of new clients, Integrella continues to expand, welcoming Stuart Smith as our new Client Delivery Manager.