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What’s the big deal about Cloud?

We’ve all heard of cloud computing and it’s rare now to find a business who doesn’t have at least some footprint in it. COVID-19 has enhanced the need for cloud – enabling businesses to access and share data quickly and...

Top 3 API trends you need to know

One thing that’s been certified in these uncertain times, is the necessity for quick, reliable and secure technology. With the acceleration of digital transformation has come a surge in API usage and a need for enterprises to implement them at...

Data Sharing: 3 Things to Consider

Data sharing done the right way is a driver of innovation, competition and economic growth. It’s not uncommon for clients to approach us with questions surrounding it. How do we open up our data? What are the risks? We take...

Jump on the Digital Bandwagon with us

Looking to expand your knowledge of integration, APIs, microservices and digital strategy? Develop your network, learn from an expert peer group, and help your company stay ahead of competitors, and attractive to customers. We’d like to share our knowledge and...

How to Create a Data Integration Strategy

As enterprises pursue digital transformation, nearly all are seeking to become more data-driven. This often means combining information from a wide range of sources, applications and formats so that it can be analysed to derive useful business insights.  For many businesses,...

SOA Continues to Thrive in the Cloud Era

26 November 2012 -

One of the business processes that many people have started to think was outdated and not needed anymore in this new era of cloud computing is services-oriented architecture. However, as we talked about previously, SOA is essential to employing integrated cloud services.

Services-Oriented Architecture Gives Headstart in Cloud Computing Systems

19 November 2012 -

If your company has been thinking about integrating a cloud computing system into your services-oriented architecture you may just be a little bit ahead of the game than you think. There are plenty of organizations that are leaning towards a cloud based business process, but have to build from the ground up.

The Importance of Cloud Computing Integration As Disaster Backup

11 November 2012 -

Integration of cloud computing within a business process and services-oriented architecture culture is more important than many companies have given it credit for. A good example of the importance of cloud computing integration is with the latest weather event that...

SOA and Cloud Computing – How They Work Together, Part 3: Consuming Services in the Cloud

14 October 2012 -

The movement towards more cloud computing as the process by which companies can design better services for their customers has continued to grow throughout the last several months. More and more IT departments are now incorporating this cloud computing environment...

SOA and Cloud Computing – How They Work Together, Part 2: Providing Services in Cloud

7 October 2012 -

Architectural Prerequisites for Providing Services Within A Cloud Computing Integration.