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Category: Best Practice

SOA Testing Tool Selection – How to Determine Which One

23 September 2012 -

SOA testing is a very broad in scope - which makes it very difficult to find one tool that is the best fit for your particular system. Therefore, it is important to think through a few determinations to find the right SOA testing tool for your needs.

Top 3 Challenges of Middleware Management

16 September 2012 -

Read about the top 3 Challenges of Middleware Management, and how to overcome them.

Five Major Areas to Continually Test Your SOA for Better Autonomy

9 September 2012 -

By building autonomy into the framework you can leverage the service itself to better time management and less overall involvement. Here are five areas that need continual testing within the SOA framework to keep better autonomy.

Three Major Aspects of Strong Cloud Architecture

26 August 2012 -

For both those who are experienced with process architecture, and those who are learning today within the cloud computing structure, there are three major aspects that must never be overlooked.

The Dos & Don’ts of BPM, Part One: The Dos

Over the years, Business Process Management (BPM) has often gotten a bad reputation as being too difficult, too costly, or too ineffective.  Many times this is due to improperly named processes being labeled as true BPM, or existing products that...

Three Crucial Best Practices for the CIO’s BPM Pitch

22 May 2011 -

Managing and improving a business’ operations and management has traditionally been the domain of a COO in conjunction with departmental Directors and Managers. However, with the advent of IT, the CIO has become a critical component of business operations, since...

A Simple, Straightforward Guide to the SOA Maturity Model

9 March 2011 -

Looking for a way to get a handle on what the SOA Maturity Model is all about? This simple guide will help keep you on track with all of your SOA projects.   SOA continues to become more and more...

Improving Operational Processes: Part 2 – Using Business Integration To Tighten Up Disparate Systems

You may not believe it, but often the larger a company is, the more wasteful their operational processes become. And when you think about it, it makes sense: whereas a small business may go out and buy a simple CRM...

Improving Operational Processes: Part 1 – Inefficiencies in the Banking Industry Costing as Much as 30% Extra

Business Integration specialists can automate many costly, time-consuming business processes in back-, middle-, and front-office operations can save companies time and money.