Best Practice

19 Jul 2018

Three Steps To API Security

We’re often seeing the importance of companies considering API security holistically. Here are some key points from a recent Gartner

23 May 2018

Great Companies Center Their Tech Strategy Around Customers

A January 2018 Forrester report discusses the increasing importance of being intensely customer focused when developing a tech strategy. This

17 May 2017

Integrella Tech Talk #5

Read about a session we held recently for our technical team about the basics and benefits of using RabbitMQ as a messaging middleware broker.

20 Mar 2017

Integrella Tech Talk #3

At Integrella we’re really keen to teach each other about the technologies relevant to us and our clients. We have

13 Oct 2016

Want to change or migrate your middleware?

If you need to change or migrate middleware, choosing the best software can be an enormous challenge for an IT department.

28 Sep 2016

Service Oriented Recruitment – The New Way To Think About Technical Resourcing

We’ve applied what we’ve learnt from Service Oriented Architecture and created something which could be called ‘Service Oriented Recruitment’. Most

18 Jul 2016

A New Measurement Of IT Value You Need To Know About

While ROI continues to be an important way to measure value from products and services, whether through cost savings or productivity increases – we’re asking companies to consider something new…

18 May 2016

5 Areas of Specialist Resourcing You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong

Avoiding the pitfalls of niche IT recruitment can be a tricky business. We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you.

14 Mar 2016

Centre of Excellence – The Best Way To Manage Your Integration Environment

A SOA Centre of Excellence (CoE), when set up optimally, will make the most of companies’ existing systems and respective features, helping harmonise them with new solution architecture. This saves time and money, and increases efficiency.

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