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Category: Best Practice

5 Areas of Specialist Resourcing You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong

18 May 2016 -

Avoiding the pitfalls of niche IT recruitment can be a tricky business. We've put together some of our top tips to help you.

Centre of Excellence – The Best Way To Manage Your Integration Environment

14 March 2016 -

A SOA Centre of Excellence (CoE), when set up optimally, will make the most of companies’ existing systems and respective features, helping harmonise them with new solution architecture. This saves time and money, and increases efficiency.

Beware the 7 Deadly Sins of IT Integration

1 February 2016 -

Over the years we’ve seen too many companies succumb to any number of these sins of data integration. It is our job to step in to help companies sort out their integration infrastructure quickly – saving time, money, and reputations.

6 Essential Points to Consider When Integrating With Dynamics CRM

18 November 2015 -

Following on from a recent post where we shared some lessons on integration work we did using BMC Remedy - this time we’re talking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

6 Top Tips For Integrating With BMC Remedy

Recently we worked with a tech non-profit to integrate their back and front office systems... here are some top tips we gathered working with BMC Remedy.

PAS or EPR integration

14 May 2014 -

EPR integration is a hot topic. Are you looking to upgrade your Patient Administration System (PAS) or Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system? It might be worth knowing the possibilities that are open to you – enhancing the technology throughout your Trust...

Three Steps to SOA Success

5 November 2012 -

When you look at the definition of services-oriented architecture it is a relatively easy concept. The Open Group defines SOA simply as “an architectural style that supports service orientation”–a way by which you can build your business processes, a glue...

SOA Testing Tool Selection – How to Determine Which One

23 September 2012 -

SOA testing is a very broad in scope - which makes it very difficult to find one tool that is the best fit for your particular system. Therefore, it is important to think through a few determinations to find the right SOA testing tool for your needs.

Top 3 Challenges of Middleware Management

16 September 2012 -

Read about the top 3 Challenges of Middleware Management, and how to overcome them.

Five Major Areas to Continually Test Your SOA for Better Autonomy

9 September 2012 -

By building autonomy into the framework you can leverage the service itself to better time management and less overall involvement. Here are five areas that need continual testing within the SOA framework to keep better autonomy.