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TWIG Education

Integrella implements cutting-edge features for Twig, to help them increase technical development velocity and capture new US districts.

Twig Education are pioneers in Science Education and have been revolutionising classrooms globally for ten years. Twig’s mission is to change the face of education around the world using award-winning resources to ignite a curiosity within students, which will stay with them throughout their lives.

Twig has delivered K-12 science programmes exploring real-world phenomena through student-driven investigation and discovery. They think outside the box to improve student and staff experience within the digital space.

The Challenge

Twig’s goal was to capture other US districts to grow their student body. They needed to find a partner that would help them increase technical development velocity. Twig wanted a partner with a depth of expertise in Application Development and Architecture – areas of digital integration Integrella specialise in.

The Solution: Implementing Cutting-Edge Features

To drive their technical developments, Integrella resolved to deploy a dedicated expert team to expedite cutting-edge, innovative feature developments and workflows including:

  • Assigned lesson modules

    • These automatically show up on student dashboards, with the due date for completion. They improve the effectiveness of assignments and check student progress. Teachers can share, view, edit, close and revoke access of student assignments when they see fit.
  • Turn-in feature

    • Improves collaboration between the student and teacher, with students able to ‘turn-in’ their assignments for teachers to review. Teachers receive a notification and see progress indicators for each assigned lesson. This allows them to track student progression and work with those who may be lagging.
  • Text speech on red speaker

    • This feature has enabled Twig to open their platform to students who have difficulty reading, so they can understand material in their own language. This is a critical feature for indirectly improving Twig’s Learning Platform position and helping to capture the US market more quickly.

Other cutting-edge features include the ability for teachers to manage lessons all in one place. Teachers can now filter and sort assignments by category, making the process more comprehensive and speeding up the feedback process.

As of 2021, Integrella has:

  • Improved development and delivery speed for Twig by following the Agile methodology and delivering all features and tasks on time.
  • Made smart estimates to capture maximum tasks on Sprint, which has quickly reduced backlogs and increased speed of feature development.
  • Improved capability across Twig by providing full stack developers and removing back-end or front-end bifurcation of skills and knowledge.
  • Been involved in R&D work which is useful in building futuristic platforms, such as the Math platform.
  • Enhanced a few common components which bundle into a common repository for future consumption purposes.

About Integrella

Integrella is a specialist IT services company supplying round-the-clock support to organisations across the education and healthcare sectors, as well as in the public sector, financial services, retail, and utilities sectors.

We enable digital transformation through API management, DevOps and Microservices. Our expert IT integration services include consulting, development, delivery, support, and resourcing. We deliver our solutions by partnering with top vendors in the industry.