29 Apr 2014

A solid API strategy: The saviour of brick and mortar retail.

developer-icon2Thanks to applications such as Amazon’s mobile app – allowing your customers to scan a barcode and shop online for an alternative to your product – brick and mortar retail is becoming little more than a costly showroom.

Exposing APIs or taking advantage of those exposed by others, means you can integrate the physical and digital customer channels. For example; imagine a customer is looking at a product in-store and they receive a money-off coupon direct to their mobile. It’s likely that will be persuasive enough to win you their custom.

Maybe you are a retail bank, struggling to keep hold of your customers? Using APIs in order to offer your customers mobile payment services such as mobile wallet or payments via SMS, will help to keep them engaged with your brand.

There is a multitude of ways in which you can use APIs to help make your in-store experience more relevant to the modern consumer.

Here at Integrella we help our retail customers expose their APIs as well as use third party APIs to improve their online shopping experience and ultimately increase their sales.

Our consultants use the best-of-breed open source integration software, designed for connecting APIs. Let us talk you through how we can help you to rejuvenate your in-store experience and get customers back through the door.

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